Set out on a Mission to Deliver World Class Excellence in delivering Visual Impact Solutions ( Professional Photography & Videography ) of the highest order to clients in diverse realms, Classic Apertures is in constant pursuit of excellence being customer focused, responsive and dependable to create images with unique blend of technical as well as creative flavour to add value to Client’s operations and products create new methodology of image management across any organisation

Offer multi-media Imagery Solutions; Classic Apertures is one of the leading enterprise having executed several prestigious projects in India and overseas for over two decades covering diverse realms like :

| Advertising | Aviation | Biotechnology | Cement | Ceramics | Construction | CSR | Defence | Education | Electronics | Engineering | Energy | Environment | Food | Heavy Electricals | HealthCare | Hospitality | Infrastructure  | Information Technology | Paper | Manufacturing | Polymers | Ports |  Pharmaceuticals | Quality | Ship Building Repairs | Sugar | SSI | Steel | Transportation | Textiles | Tourism | . . . and more.

Given its deep insight of the technical aspects in each industry, the company’s expertise has evolved into turnkey management of corporate & technical presentations in print and electronic formats for varied applications.